The Descendants of John Blanks Sr.
Bladen County, North Carolina

Winnifred "Winny" Blanks  
Winnifred "Winny" Blanks(i) born about 1781 was the daughter of John Blanks Sr. In 1820 she is listed in New Hanover County, North Carolina Federal Census as the head of her household with (1) male under 14, (2) males between 14-25 and (1) female between 26-44. It is speculated that she may have had a relationship with Henry Sampson of Wilmington, North Carolina based on language in a land deed dated 23 July 1814. (Please note that no evidences has been found to prove a relationship at this time.) 

It is with importance to note that Winnifred “Winny” Blanks(i), brother Alfred Blanks Sr. named one of his daughters in honor to his sister Winnifred “Winny” Blanks(i). Alfred’s daughter Winnifred “Winny” Blanks(ii) (1824-1913) was born and died in the Carvers Creek/East Arcadia Community of Bladen County, North Carolina and is buried at Graham’s Chapel AME Zion Church. She married James Graham Sr. (1814-1884) from Bladen County, North Carolina and they had at least (13) children. James Graham Sr. was the son of William Graham Sr. and Sarah Jacobs, Sarah’s father Zachariah Jacobs (1753-1847) was a Revolutionary War Veteran.
John Blanks Sr. Revolutionary War Veteran
Bladen County, North Carolina Militia
* Winnifred " Winny" Blanks(i) born about 1781 (2nd Generation, daughter of John Blanks Sr.)
* Winnifred "Winny " Blanks(ii) (3rd Generation, daughter of Alfred Blanks Sr., granddaughter of
  John Blanks Sr.)